About Lowforce Education & Training

We have a wealth of teaching and training experience across all age ranges and a variety of subjects.

This experience has been gained through delivering workplace training and CPD in various employment sectors, plus work in Heritage Education, private tutoring and 20+ years of school-teaching experience, including Early Years & Nursery, Primary and Secondary phases.

Many changes have impacted upon education in recent years and none more than the use of new technologies in teaching and learning. We have been keen to embrace new opportunities and methodologies born from this and many of our courses are available for study online in the lowforcelearning virtual learning environment.



Community Training Courses : Summer 2013

2013 ct courses


Building upon Alston's receipt of the 'Social Enterprise Town' award in 2012, Cybermoor Services Ltd. has been able to secure funding for a series of Community Training Courses to run throughout the summer of 2013.

read about the 2012 winners

Lowforce Learning is happy to be delivering these courses in partnership with @lston digital where we will run each course at several different times during June, July and August. Participants may select a timetable of short weekly sessions or learn more intensively on a one day course.

Residents of Alston Moor can apply for courses at @lston digital.

For more information and booking, please phone 01434 382788, call in at the shop or, e- mail alston.digital@btinternet.com

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Instrumental Tuition


on Alston Moor


25% off standard Musician's Union Rates if you register by 31st July 2013.

8 session course for only £120

I feel that it's a good idea to begin learning an instrument with several frequent lessons that do not have long gaps between them (and even a week is a long time in this situation).

These summer courses are designed with this in mind: comprising 8 lessons, to be booked in the space of one month -August 2013.

Pupils do not need to have their own instrument at this stage. Using the teacher's 'student' instrument regularly, can avoid the risk of 'practising mistakes' at home while basic skills are mastered correctly. There is also, the advantage of not needing to spend money on an instrument until aptitude and commitment have been confirmed.

Between lessons, keen learners will be able to do activities online in the lowforce virtual learning environment and extend their learning about vocabulary, theory and listening skills they develop during their practical lessons.

It will be possible to book lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays commencing 2nd August. For more information and to register please email Christine Lowthian.


Teacher Credentials

Christine is a multi-instrumentalist and experienced music teacher. She has a First Class Honours, Bachelor of Education Degree, a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate, Qualified Teacher Status and 20+ years of experience in a range of educational settings. In addition, Christine is DBS* checked, Certificated in Child protection and is insured as a member of the Musicians' Union.

* 'Disclosure and Barring Service Check': formerly the CRB (criminal records bureau).





Music Theory Lessons


VLE course information posting soon

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